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What People Are Saying About Alianza’s Trainings

It was life changing and truly valued. I would recommend this training to colleagues so they can connect with themselves and understand why they entered this field. The speakers were awesome. Great team!

Very practical, useful and relevant. I liked the explanations of how to assist boys and men from the biological, cultural, and spiritual connections. Healing is a major part of understanding trauma and forgiveness.

The information is extremely relevant if we hope to heal as people, cultures and communities.

Yes, I would recommend this training. Wonderful, empowering and healing.

Excellent, I have a much better understanding of the Latino culture, especially the possible causes and effects of the adult male disconnect. Even though training is focused on Latino men and boys, I see a lot of similarities to my own life.

Very blessed to be present these two days.

Very practical to our culture & what is seen in everyday life, as well as clients we work with.

Really touches into the roots of recovery; what has been lost or unknown.

Information is very good, makes you think and reflect. I liked the honesty, tools used to make you reflect on how to apply cultural background to connect with people.

I liked everything. This training is very complete.

Outstanding, I learned a lot and have a better understanding of how to help people.

Extremely power messages. The best training I have attended. On a personal level, the information has caused me to look at the man I am and the man I want to be. On a professional level, allows me to preach the things I put into practice myself.

Information has been a spiritual awakening seeing DV in a new perspective.

Very practical, life changing. Healing was introduced for self and others.

It was very good information and it’s provided in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I liked that it was informative and the presenters made participants feel welcome. I would recommend this training as it brings awareness to things that are important.

Very practical training. I will take my new knowledge and apply it to my work. I really liked the interaction and new ideas coming from everyone in the room. I would recommend this training. It is important to apply new ideas to people that believe they have no way out. Thanks for the new knowledge!

Practical training when working with immigrant women and with limited resources. I liked the speaker and the movie the most. I would recommend this training to other colleagues in the field.

I will share this information with my supervisors to incorporate into our agencies to work with our clients. I enjoyed the presence of so many advocates for DV and the passion for the clients. I would recommend this training because this is the information our clients need.

Very practical. I look forward to doing some of the exercises of the curriculum in support groups. I liked the materials presented, books, activities and resources and the in-depth conversations about issues of violence. Beautiful training. It was great to be a part of this experience.

I liked that there was so much information about finances. JoAnn & Ivonne were great! They explained everything so I could understand.

Benefits Trainees Derived From The Trainings:

  • Understanding the healing process with men.
  • Shift in thinking about men as trustworthy and capable of changing these issues
  • It gave me a deeper understanding of my own family.
  • The knowledge that I can use my heart and not be dependent on a curriculum
  • I am reconnected with myself and culture
  • I will use this information to work on myself first and then use it with those around me.
  • I have received great information that I can use at work and home.
  • Learned how to present personal stories to emphasize a point.