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What People Are Saying About Alianza’s Trainings

Carmen Murillo-Stevens ( Immigrant Advocate, San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center , Alamosa, CO )

Thank you so very very much for all of the work! that went into coordination, travel and presentation of “On the Road to Social Transformation” training. I very much appreciate all of the effort, care and love that was put into sharing this information with our group. It meant a lot to me to see those conversations taking place in my own community. It is very much needed work and the tools, ideas, shared stories and supportive words were all so helpful and inspirational. I hope that we have the opportunity to meet again in the future. It was a wonderful experience. Muchas gracias!

Melisa Andrion ( Community Outreach Coordinator, Womenspace , Eugene, OR )

Thank you for the opportunity and scholarship to this training. It was amazing. If there is ever anything I can do to assist you in your training or in any future endeavors just let me know.

Investigator Agustin Rodriguez ( Domestic Violence Investigator, Westbrook Police Department , Westbrook, ME )

Wonderful training-very practical on working with Latinos and culture.

I believe it will help with not only future training but also when I work with clients. I liked the ability to talk openly and share and discuss ideas.

I liked the enthusiasm of the presenters for the subject matter. I would recommend this training as the conversation is extremely relevant for social services and especially D.V. services.

I would recommend this training as we all need more cultural competency. Thank you so much you are all amazing!

Very practical since this is a topic I face on a daily basis. I would recommend this training. We all need to be aware of the differences in cultures as we work with people.

Great training. I would absolutely recommend this training especially to law enforcement, attorneys and judges.

Very practical. This can help me better serve my clients. I would recommend this training as it was very helpful and has a different perspective on what it means to be culturally competent.

Very practical. I appreciated the open, authentic and supportive conversations about sensitive subjects. I would recommend this training because I believe everyone could use more training and cultural awareness to be as supportive and possible.

I would recommend this training. It makes everyone thin about how we do our jobs and there is always room to improve and make things for victims. We need more training. It is hard to find good training for diverse communities especially Spanish speaking.

Very helpful. The booklets are great tools. Additional training is needed in this community. Thank you very much!

Very practical since we are starting a statewide hotline. The information given was great so that we could make sure we are culturally competent.

Very practical. I will apply my increased knowledge and awareness. I have had other cultural competence trainings and I really liked the approach and presentation.

Excellent way to connect with those we serve and be able to create real change in self and others.

Training covers all relevant elements--spiritual, cultural, psychological and social.

Everything was great! I would recommend this training. It’s an innovative way of healing. Blessings to all of you who made this possible!

The information was relevant to my work and in my personal life. It is potentially life changing.

The information was practical enough to pass on and continue the effort. Everything overall was excellent. I would recommend this training as it is very relevant to the culture and population we work with.


Benefits Trainees Derived From The Trainings:

  • Understanding the healing process with men.
  • Shift in thinking about men as trustworthy and capable of changing these issues
  • It gave me a deeper understanding of my own family.
  • The knowledge that I can use my heart and not be dependent on a curriculum
  • I am reconnected with myself and culture
  • I will use this information to work on myself first and then use it with those around me.
  • I have received great information that I can use at work and home.
  • Learned how to present personal stories to emphasize a point.