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For several years, Alianza operated a small research center (El Centro) under the leadership of Dr. Julia Perilla and in partnership with Georgia State University. El Centro worked to promote culturally competent research that helped to inform policies and helped to develop culturally relevant strategies, approaches, and programs. As part of this partnership we posted an annotated bibliography on our website; kept a database with relevant literature on policy, research, and practice from the U.S. and Latin America; and helped to develop and promote Latino researchers. The following are some research summaries produced by El Centro between 2006 and 2008. Please note that Dr. Julia Perilla no longer works with Alianza. She is now affiliated with Casa de Esperanza (Minneapolis, MN), as well as GSU and Caminar Latino (Atlanta, GA).


El Encuentro: A Gathering of Researchers and Community Members provided a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion of domestic violence in Latino communities, which was designed to help Alianza craft a sound course of action and promote collaborative relationships between academic researchers and other members of the domestic violence community, paving the way for the development of a research agenda that both advances our understanding of domestic violence and addresses the practical needs of our community. The results of this challenging and important task are the subject of this report.

Analytical Frame Work for Alianza

We offer this document with the hope that it will promote understanding, spur discussion and generate new solutions to domestic violence and other oppressions which trouble our communities. It represents our best understanding, our conocimiento, the wisdom of our communities, and expresses our faith in the sacredness of all relations and communities.

Working with Men & Boys to end Domestic Violence

This position paper represents a collaborative effort between Alianza staff and Dr. Julia Perilla, then Director of Alianza’s research Center (El Centro)located at Georgia State University. It was developed as a vehicle to engage people in conversation regarding the evolving issue of domestic violence. From its early beginnings, Alianza has addressed the importance of including both men and women in our work. In that process we have taken approaches and developed strategies that often differ from conventional ways of addressing this issue. This position paper on working with men and boys delineates the principles with which we approach this task.