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Peace with WINGS

Rain hit the ground, the beat a steady tattoo.
The place I was headed was most holy and true.
For the place I was headed was where I would find,
The most emotional moment that would forever stay in my mind.
As we pulled up to the church we made great haste,
For the rain had not yet begun to dissipate.
We arrived inside and shook out our coats,
My sister and I took our seats and our mom cleared her throat.
For she was going to give a speech,
A speech for Peace Week that had so much to teach.
My mother speaks nationally at many events,
But never locally so she thought it made sense.
To speak at this place, this beautiful church,
Where a lovely dove had taken its perch.
To speak of forgiveness, of peace, and of love.
A story of her life and how she, now, like a dove,
Obtained her WINGS and learned to soar beyond adversity
No longer the bird in a cage but a bird that was free.
A bird that could spread her wings because of the feathers she received
For Wisdom, Interdependence, and the Natural Rights she believed.
For Grace and Strength that allowed her to fight for her liberty,
Releasing her from her captivity
Changing her life and making her reach for the sky
On the WINGS created with the feathers that allowed her, therefore us, to fly.

The following poem was written by Chance White, age 15, son of Alianza Board member Z. Ruby White Starr as part of a poetry assignment about any personal experience that evoked a strong emotion for students, either positive or negative. Make it rhyme: otherwise no rules.