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Why a cookbook you ask?EVA_RUIZ_POSTER-1_copy_-_SMALL

Traditionally, Latino women believe that cooking is one of the most important gifts they can give to their loved ones. It's also said that the heart of the home is the kitchen - the cocina. It's where familias come together for a variety of reasons - to cook, to share words of healing wisdom over a simmering pot of manzanilla or a bowl of soothing caldo on a cold day. But most of all it is a place to come together and discuss life. Food is life, it gives us energy, it gives us pleasure, it gives us hope, it builds traditions and memories, all which are important to one's culture.

So it makes perfect sense that Alianza - The National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence, would want to capitalize on something which brings all families closer together - such as cooking and eating, in order to create a greater awareness about the biggest issue that tears families apart - domestic violence (DV)and child abuse.

We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the Latino recipe book to raise awareness and can't wait to share it with everyone! The sales were very successful. But even more important, spectators from all over the world who attended the largest balloon event in the world, showed an avid interest in Alianza's mission and the awareness the cookbook project has created.

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Cookbook cover contest winner, Eva Ruiz, flew in from Miami, FL to perform a book and poster signing. The status of the well-know Latina artist and the early success of the cookbook itself was quite evident over the weekend. Several of those standing in line to have their books and posters autographed by Eva said they couldn't wait to hang the Sabores posters on their walls in Jamaica, Germany, and Spain...just to name a few. Many were also anxious to try the different recipes in their home states from where they traveled.

Alianza collected 275 Latin-inspired recetas (recipes) from domestic violence and abuse programs nationwide, including advocates, survivors, celebrities, Latino organizations and professionals in mainstream organizations. Each recipe also includes a short note from each contributor and/or their organization.

All are signed by the artist. Proceeds from the sales will go directly back to our organization to benefit programming at Alianza; this includes innovative technical assistance and training.

Thank you to all who contributed a recipe to this project. Not only will this give you vast publicity, but it will also let everyone know just how much you and/or your organization support our efforts all the while helping victims and children in abusive homes.

There is a high demand for these books and they are going FAST! So don't miss out! Make sure and order your copy today and don't forget to order extra for your holiday gift giving!

Being that Latinos are such a diverse society, the different sabores are what make each dish unique and important to the contributor's own culture. In addition to the many recetas, this book also will include heart-felt stories and poetry from survivors as well as important facts and statistics.

We are sure you will be pleased with the variety of flavors fused together in this collection of 250 recetas gathered from all over the U.S. - from non-profit organizations, state coalitions, advocates, survivors, DV and abuse awareness programs, celebrities, and many Latino organizations and professionals in mainstream organizations. This project truly has been a collaborative effort!

¡Buen provecho!


About the Artists!

Alianza would like to thank everyone who participated in our Latino Cookbook Cover Art Contest! When we first opened up the contest, we never imagined the scope of this project! We are more than pleased with the passion and interest shown by the various and extremely talented artists across the nation! Alianza is proud to announce Eva Ruiz as the first place winner because her art displayed the most diverse flavor and culture of our Latino community.

1st Place Winner - Ms. Eva Ruiz

...is a self taught artist born in Colombia. She arrived in Miami at the age of eleven. As a child, she loved drawing portraits of her teachers and the landscapes of her imagination; her notebooks were filled with drawings instead of homework, which often got her into trouble.

As an adult, Eva tried different occupations, often losing interest. Tired of bouncing in no direction, she started painting in 2003 and developed a passion and long lasting affair with color and the world inside her imagination.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions, events and art collectives throughout her career. She is highly respected and recognized by her peers for her artistic contributions to the Latino community.

In addition to the cookbook and poster signing at the fiesta (see above), Ms. Ruiz will also have an exhibit of her works on the first day of Alianza's Annual Conference in Miami, FL in March of 2010.

Artist Statement: "Creation is a moment of honesty and dreams, a moment of possibilities fueled by imagination and infinity. This freedom has kept me here. I invest my time in the intricate details of nature, people, music and love. This information rushes out of me when I work. Small shapes, spirals, smiles and dreams, are all interpretations of emotions inspired by life."

2nd Place Winner - Ms. Dania Sierra

...was born in La Habana, Cuba and exiled to the United States with her family in 1962.

Ms. Sierra's inclination for art began at a very young age and she was encouraged to pursue a formal education in Art and Art History. She was the recipient of a Fine Arts scholarship to the University of Miami and continued her studies at Barry College.

Dania became a successful entrepreneur in the graphic arts industry in her early 20's.

Dania's artwork graces the walls of numerous collectors and galleries internationally. She is also known as a generous philanthropist who contributes her artwork to numerous local and national non-profit associations. Her works have also been publishing by Hought Mifflin and showcased in last year's premiere issue of The Business Journal for Hispanic Research.

Dania's has an uncanny ability to establish a dialogue with each individual observing her artwork. Her brilliant execution of color and design has earned her the respect and admiration of collectors and colleagues.

Dania Sierra will exhibit several of her art pieces on the second day of Alianza's Annual Conference as well as sign posters of the art she developed for the cookbook art cover contest.

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